Armegeddon levelEdit

   This game is our childhood and our future. I’m not talking about snood, I’m talking about animal crossing new leaf Nintendo 3DS of course. This game is everything, from hatting to flower trading at towns near and far. I recommend this game for all young to old it is a very pleasurable experience and anti-stressing game. You have a varied amount of villagers to choose from, but don’t take the first pick, some of them visually unappealing and can cause harm to eyes. For example Olaf the anteater villager that can appear in your new leaf town.
  Look up Olaf Animal Crossing if you want to seeThat is where you can find Olaf an unwanted villager *WARNING NON APPEALING TO EYEBALLS*
     Tyler, Chaloopa and I (Clamintine) have shared many great experiences, they are the animal to my crossing. We have shared many acnl experiences like getting our very first crowns and even making our first million bells, HOLY BELLS! Even my teacher Ms.Dooblesacc and Mr.DellTalko agree, ACNL is da bomb! Get the game now Chaloopa will be proud.