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Template:Cquote Flower is a female contestant on Battle for Dream Island, IDFB, and Battle for BFB.

In Battle for Dream Island, she was on the Squashy Grapes team and was the first person to be eliminated because she had the most votes at the first Cake at Stake, with four votes. She was also the last person to be eliminated before the finale, with 524 votes in "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2" — the most elimination votes in the first season.

She had enough votes to join BFDIA, but TV disqualified her since she was dead at the time, although she still made a few appearances in the season.

She is seen in the intro card of IDFB, but didn't appear in the first episode.

Flower then competed in Battle for BFDI as a member of iance. In "The Escape from Four", she was one of the fourteen characters who stayed with Four instead of switching to TPOT.

In Battle for BFB, she was a member of the Have Nots and survived to reach the merge. She and Gelatin became the finalists of the season. Although she won the competition, she didn't keep two of three of her prizes because she gave away A BFB to Gelatin and she let the Announcer keep A BFDI. She did, however, have the Grand Cake, and shared it with Bubble and Ruby.


Flower appears to be a yellow flower with pink petals. Her petals are a light shade of magenta and are shaped as squircles, her center is yellow and she has a dark stick body.


Early BFDI

  • Flower has lighter outlines.
  • Flower's stem is its own asset.


  • Flower has darker outlines.
  • Flower's body is shorter.
  • The lining of Flower's pistil is thinner.


  • The shading on Flower's face and petals get darker.


  • Flower's petals shading is slightly darker.
  • Flower's stem is hand-drawn and is no longer an asset.

BFB 20-22

  • Flower is potted.


While battling in BFDI, she was generally disliked by most of the contestants, as her personality is extremely one-dimensional, along with an exceptionally short temper. Flower tends to express anger and rage, even against the host, and feels that nothing should stop her in her path to win the competition. She was also insectophobic (fear of insects), as evidenced in many episodes throughout Battle for Dream Island. This case was first mentioned in "Take the Plunge: Part 1" by Match and Pencil in a conversation, and eventually shown in "Don't Pierce My Flesh" and "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2". She sometimes forces other contestants into doing things for her, such as when she demanded Bubble and Firey to get her over the rock wall in episode 23.

In Battle for BFDI, Flower initially somewhat retained her egocentric and narcissistic attitude, but she was noticeably less violent than before. Flower also has a much more softer side in BFB, and doesn't try and threaten anyone with death to get her way. However, she is willing to do most anything in her quest to be perceived as beautiful by others, going as far as to try to contort her own body just to meet Ruby's beauty standards. She also seemed to be more naive and have a loose grasp on logic, such as demanding Black Hole to open a jar of cyanide for her even when it's explained to her that him doing that is a "bad idea".

Flower was at times aggressive, rude, or even hostile, but she was also self-conscious and strived to be popular and pretty. Despite her past actions, Flower, while competing in BFB, tried her best to improve herself and gain the respect of her teammates by acting much more tame and helping during challenges, such as in "Getting Teardrop to Talk" where she tells Match they don't have to be enemies anymore. However, she still occasionally showed her lazy side.

In "X Marks the Spot", she is more upbeat and excited when she is on a new team because of her teammates in what roles they can carry out for her. Despite Taco refusing to form an alliance with her, she tried her best to stay calm and admitted that she screwed up. However, "Who Stole Donut's Diary?" shows that Flower can hold on to grudges as she insults Taco for declining her first alliance offer, even after Taco decides to take her up on her alliance idea, although Flower admitted she only did this because she was upset that Taco rejected the alliance offer initially.

In "The Game Has Changed" however, a more insecure side of Flower is shown. As she stresses that she and Blocky aren't "vote to save magnets" and is afraid she may get eliminated. When Flower believes she's been eliminated, she admits that she wanted to redeem herself and prove everyone wrong by showing she's changed. The episode also shows Flower's nice side in more detail, as she befriends Leafy and asks her to hang out with her, she also promises she’ll give Leafy the extra immunity and is even grateful for her help, such as telling Four "but with my good friend Leafy, I was able to decorate the wall with beautiful party supplies."

In "Chapter Complete", a selfless side of Flower is shown. Despite winning the season, she gives up her prizes to Gelatin and Announcer, such as giving the former the BFB, and the latter the BFDI. She also goes out of her way to comfort Purple Face when he admitted he told everyone why he stole the prize in the first place. At the end of the episode, she makes general amends and even said at the end while looking at people she formed friendships with: "I really did win, didn't I?"

Official Character Guide biography[]

Flower isn't everyone's favorite person to be around. She thinks she's sooooo beautiful. Flower is like the kid in class who thinks they're better than everyone else, but she's always angry.

Flower thinks very highly of herself and hates it when people don't say she's beautiful. Flower wants to be respected, and she's learning how to gain respect by listening to what others have to say.

Did You Know?: The weight of all of Flower's petals weighs up to 9041 kg (19,932 lbs). These are commonly used to turn empty containers into heavy weights.


  • Supernatural connections: As seen in "Fashion For Your Face!", Flower is linked to her sweaters in some way, and was able to detect the Have Cots taking off her sweaters and calling them names.
  • Super speed: In the same episode, Flower was able to launch herself off of Blocky's trampoline, and reach incredible speeds (and it wasn't the effect of the trampoline). Due to the effects of the speed, she was able to run loop-de-loops without falling.
  • Floral instincts: As seen in "Don't Dig Straight Down", Flower knew where to dig to get to an emerald after only hearing the coordinates. When Lightning comments about it, Flower says "it's one of the perks of being a plant".


  • Extreme heat: As seen in "A Taste of Space" when the Have Cots pushed Firey into the sun, making it "800 degrees hotter", Flower was seen burning up, alongside X.
  • Entomophobia: In many episodes, Flower has been shown to be afraid of bugs. However, as of "Uprooting Everything", she is not that scared of a single bug anymore, showing she got over her fear of it. However, this is only partially, as she can still get scared by them in groups as shown in "SOS (Save Our Show)".



  • Battle for Dream Island
    • "Take the Plunge: Part 1"
    • "Take the Plunge: Part 2"
    • "Barriers and Pitfalls" (eliminated)
    • "Are You Smarter Than a Snowball?" (cameo)
    • "Sweet Tooth"
    • "Bridge Crossing"
    • "Power of Three" (cameo, flashback)
    • "Cycle of Life"
    • "Insectophobe's Nightmare"
    • "Half a Loaf Is Better Than None" (does not speak coherently)
    • "Reveal Novum"
    • "Gardening Hero"
    • "The Glistening" (rejoins)
    • "Don't Pierce My Flesh"
    • "Hurtful!"
    • "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2" (eliminated again)
    • "Return of the Hang Glider"
  • Battle for Dream Island Again
    • "Get Digging" (flashback)
    • "Zeeky Boogy Doog"
    • "Get in the Van" (does not speak coherently)
  • IDFB
    • "Welcome Back" (intro only)
  • Battle for BFDI
    • "Getting Teardrop to Talk"
    • "Lick Your Way to Freedom"
    • "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset"
    • "Fortunate Ben"
    • "Four Goes Too Far" (does not speak coherently)
    • "The Liar Ball You Don't Want"
    • "Questions Answered" (does not speak)
    • "Get to the Top in 500 Steps"
    • "What Do You Think of Roleplay?"
    • "Return of the Rocket Ship"
    • "Don't Dig Straight Down"
    • "The Four is Lava"
    • "The Escape from Four" (speaks in group)
  • Battle for BFB
    • "X Marks the Spot"
    • "Take the Tower"
    • "How Loe Can You Grow?"
    • "A Taste of Space"
    • "Let's Raid the Warehouse"
    • "Who Stole Donut's Diary?"
    • "Fashion For Your Face!"
    • "The Game Has Changed"
    • "The Tweested Temple"
    • "The Hidden Contestant"
    • "Uprooting Everything"
    • "B.F.B. = Back From Beginning"
    • "SOS (Save Our Show)"
    • "Chapter Complete" (won)
  • Battle for Dream Island: The Power of Two
    • "You Know Those Buttons Don't Do Anything, Right?" (cameo)
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Battle for Dream Island[]

File:Screenshot 2020-02-10 at 11.10.04 PM.png

Flower in Battle for Dream Island

In "Take the Plunge: Part 1", Flower is first seen in a flashback, when she asked Ice Cube if she looks beautiful. When Ice Cube responds with no, Flower angrily kicks her away. Later on, she competes in the contest to win Dream Island. She pushes Woody, Eraser, Tennis Ball, Firey, Golf Ball and Needle, and almost Leafy, off the edge, but Pin pulled her back up. Later on, Leafy and Pin try to knock her over, with Blocky saying "uh-oh", but she kicks them away. When Teardrop, Blocky, Pin, and Leafy are hanging off the edge, she's about to make them fall, and is boasting about her wearing non-slip shoes so ha, when Blocky kicks her over. She holds onto Pin, but when Pin licks her, she falls off in disgust.

During the team picking in "Take the Plunge: Part 2", Flower insults Teardrop's intelligence, and Bubble tells her to be nice. She tells Snowball to beat her up, but he refuses, so she calls him a wimp. Blocky beats Bubble up instead with Flower cheering him. Flower is one of the last picked for the teams. Tennis Ball points out that she will be less of an enemy if she is chosen for their team, so she is put on the Squashy Grapes. She is the only one who doesn't run when Snowball pushes Golf Ball off the cliff. Flower does terribly in the challenge. She refuses to help make the boat and refuses to jump in it later. With a lack of team effort, her team ends up losing the challenge.


Flower flying off after her first elimination

In "Barriers and Pitfalls", Flower is in the bottom two to be eliminated. She threatens to crush the speaker if she is eliminated. She is (with 4 votes), so she activates the crusher. However, it hits Golf Ball and explodes, sending her flying away. She is later seen flying over various monsters from the ocean. (Notice that some of them are from Tidepool)

In "Sweet Tooth", Flower is chosen by the Announcer to be a judge in the cake baking challenge. She stomps Bubble's strawberry cake in a rampage because she was voted off, and then complains how it looks terrible. Flower gives Bubble a 1 instead of a 0 because she's "so nice". She gave Coiny a 7 for his "dirt cake". Flower gives Eraser a 10, despite not tasting it and the fact that a strawberry cake was already turned in. She gives Firey a 3, not being to impressed with him baking without an oven. She gives Golf Ball a zero. She gives Leafy a 0 even though her spinner rolled a 10. Then she gives Pin a 10 for a cake that was an exact replica of herself.

In "Bridge Crossing", she can be seen in the TLC when Woody is eliminated. She tells Blocky to move over as the lid closes.

In "Power of Three" Flower is briefly seen in a flashback from the first episode when Leafy points out how she dislikes Flower due to her being mean.

In "Cycle of Life", it is announced that an eliminated contestant would be rejoining the game. For her campaign, Flower threatens to crush anyone who doesn't vote for her.

In "Insectophobe's Nightmare", Flower is given the opportunity to rejoin the game, but only receives four votes, and she is flung back to the TLC.

In "Half a Loaf Is Better Than None", Flower is once again given the opportunity to rejoin the game. She does very well in the challenge, but still comes in second to Spongy, and is flung back.

In "Reveal Novum", Flower complains about how badly she wants to get out of the TLC, being trapped in there for 16 months. She tries to get out by standing on Blocky and pushing the lid, but its sealed shut. She later agrees to help with an escape plan, but it fails miserably with everyone almost drowning.

File:Flowers Promo pic.png

Flower's promo pic

In "Gardening Hero", It is announced that an eliminated contestant would be rejoining the game once again. Similar to "Cycle of Life", as her campaign, Flower threatens to stretch anyone who doesn't vote for her.

In "The Glistening", Flower is the first of many eliminated contestants to vote for Ice Cube, because she said she wasn't beautiful, to be eliminated. Later, Flower receives the most votes (at 205) to rejoin the game. The Announcer gives her a cake as a reward for rejoining. Flower is excited at first but is upset to learn its a pizza. In the challenge, Flower throws Firey down the long jump track and then doesn't even to attempt to win (she stepped her foot on the sand), getting even lower then Spongy, leaving her up for elimination. She then threatens to twist any viewer who votes for her.


Firey and Flower's speaker boxes

In "Don't Pierce My Flesh", Flower is seen on a bridge with Firey. Firey shows her a bug, and Flower kills it with a sledgehammer, unintentionally destroying the bridge they were standing on. She falls into the water, while Leafy saves Firey. Later, when the Announcer is killed, she thinks that she should win Dream Island. She has a replacement box to replace Speaker, along with Firey's replacement box. Flower is in the bottom two to be eliminated, but she is safe over Rocky in the closest voting ever. She gets a cake and asks Leafy to high-five her, but Leafy declines, so Flower hits her.

When the contestants have to vote on the challenge, Flower is the only one who votes for a beauty contest, and Flower is unhappy due to everyone else voting for the volcano contest. In the escape the volcano contest, Flower finds the magma very hot, and Leafy accidentally pushes her in. Flower burns numerous times, until she and Leafy jump across Spongy, and catch up to Bubble and Firey. Flower mocks all of them until she is eaten by a lava monster. When the volcano erupts, she is part of the five-way tie, meaning that they have to do the beauty contest. Flower Speaker Box gives Flower immunity for being so beautiful, along with Firey. At the end of the episode, Flower turns to metal along with everyone else.

In "Hurtful!", Flower is annoyed by Firey Speaker Box and throws a bowling ball at him, he jumps, and she ends up accidentally killing Flower Speaker Box. Then, when all the contestants are faced with the metal furnace, she pushes Firey and Bubble in, before she is pushed in herself. She comes out of the Master Recovery Center, celebrating that she isn't heavy anymore. At Cake at Stake, she had immunity, so she is safe.

During the challenge, she quickly pushes Leafy and Firey off the balance beam. She takes the motorboat, quickly going across. She wants someone else to help her up the rock wall and demands Bubble to do it. She refuses, and Flower pops her. When Firey refuses, she pushed and extinguishes him, also burning Leafy. Bubble eventually decides to help her, but she got hit by the booby trap and is sent flying. She knocks Firey off Leafy's head and kills him. She hitches a ride with Leafy and latches onto Firey to get across the rock wall. She easily passes the test, and makes a dirt cake, despite Firey's protests. However, she trips and falls off the bridge.

She isn't seen for a while, until she, Leafy, and Firey catch up to Bubble in the volcano. She quickly tries scaling the pole, but one of her petals falls off, almost hitting Leafy. Leafy quickly avoids it and accidentally deletes the pole. Flower kills Firey with water. and she dies in the lava, making them both have to start over. However, she quickly comes back, when Bubble and Leafy are ending their friendship. She throws Leafy into the lava, and then, gets Bubble to help her to the top. However, Bubble simply throws her into the lava, so she doesn't get immunity, and is up for the final elimination.

In "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2", Flower is seen demanding an apology from Bubble for not giving her immunity. Leafy apologizes for her, and Flower says it was adequate. At Cake at Stake, a bug lands on Flower, but it's killed by a small speaker box, but not before it lays its eggs next to her. When BFDI is canceled due to the low number of votes, Flower, in her frustration, throws the bug eggs at the Announcer, and they hatch into thousands of bugs, and they have to run for their lives.

When she is jumping across the canyon, she is hit by an asteroid and killed. However, it is shortly revealed that she faked her death. However, Flower is eliminated once again, with 524 votes (a record amount). Flower, refusing to be eliminated, uses her mirror to reflect the lasers, sending a bush and the even the sun into the TLC. However, Flower is soon caught by the laser by setting the mirror by an angle that makes it reflect all around the world that ends up hitting her in the back, and thus, eliminating herself.

In "Return of the Hang Glider", Flower's final appearance is when she has gone wild from being trapped in the TLC, and bites a piece off of the Announcer, making him unable to pronounce the 'k' sound. Flower doesn't want anyone to win but she ends up voting for Leafy for being a plant, as she has to pick someone. Later, after Firey wins, he kindly lets Flower onto Dream Island, despite thinking she's a jerk. Flower is shocked when Dream Island is sold but is soon killed by an asteroid, again. When she returns, she is shocked that no one is celebrating that she is back. Bubble tells her off for being selfish, and Flower angrily destroys the Bubble Recovery Center, using an incinerator. Firey pushes her into the incinerator, but she is brought back, and she starts to destroy all of the Recovery Centers. After a while, she has destroyed them all, meaning that if anyone dies, they would be dead forever. Flower is quick to kill Bubble, making everyone gasp. However, Flower is soon crushed by the UFO, meaning that she is dead forever as well, much to everyone's joy.

Battle for Dream Island Again[]


Flower in Battle for Dream Island Again

In "Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know", she received 312 votes to join the game and was placed 18th. However, because she was dead, she did not compete in BFDIA.

In "Zeeky Boogy Doog", after Ruby types Flower's name down on the recovery center, she comes back to life. However, she is quickly frozen by Gelatin. Sometime during the challenge, she thaws out. At the end of the episode, she tries to get revenge on Gelatin by throwing a bug at him. Gelatin says that he's immune to bugs now and freezes Flower again. Evil Leafy then teleports on top of her and starts sinking into her. Then some weird vine-like patterns start coming out of Flower and right before the episode ends, Yellow Face appears randomly, saying "HELLO!"

In "Get in the Van", Flower is shown throwing up Evil Leafy.


Flower did not make an appearance in IDFB, although she did appear in the intro.

Battle for BFDI[]

File:Bandicam 2018-01-13 19-04-36-624.png

Flower in Battle for BFDI

In "Getting Teardrop to Talk", Flower is initially seen when Ruby mentions that she thinks Flower is beautiful, causing her to turn around and gasp in joy. She is then seen getting zapped by Lightning. Later, Flower attempts to open a jar of cyanide that Dora dug up. She fails and threatens Black Hole saying that she would crush him. Black Hole says that opening the jar is a bad idea, also telling her that he is not being able to be crushed because of being infinitely small. Flower forces Black Hole to do it, with massively disastrous effects.

After Four's appearance, Flower is late to join a team, mentioning how they're starting to fill up. She debates whether to join Snowball's team, so she can have him beat people up, and Ruby's team, due to her noting how beautiful she is. She then decides that she'll be on both teams, joining the two together and bolstering the team's number to 8. This team became iance.

During the challenge, Flower, and the rest of iance, attempt to reach their basket simply by jumping. Match then starts to talk to Flower, but quickly stops when she remembers Flower is her enemy. This upsets Flower. iance later loses.

In "Lick Your Way to Freedom", Flower is the fifth contestant safe, at 838 votes. Flower remarks that this is the second time that she has survived an elimination. During the challenge, Flower can be seen licking a jawbreaker, her team is the second safe.

In "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset", Flower gets upset at Lightning for she had enough of him constantly clarifying the challenge. Lightning then zaps her.

In "Fortunate Ben", Flower is seen asking Ruby to convince her friends that she is beautiful. When Ruby replies with a comment saying how Flower wasn't beautiful anymore, Flower gets upset and threatens to crush Ruby, before Ruby says that Flower looks pretty again. Ruby then continues to give fashion tips to Flower, who contorts herself into a variety of weird positions to fit Ruby's criteria. However, Gaty and Lollipop think Flower looks idiotic later in the episode.

In "Four Goes Too Far", Flower is part of the large crowd of contestants getting the Twinkle of Contagion.

In "The Liar Ball You Don't Want", Flower is messing around with jawbreakers with Ruby and tells Fries that she discovered that sound can enter a jawbreaker but cannot leave it. When Ruby puts a piece of jawbreaker on Fries' face, Flower adjusts it a little and then calls the fashion "truly ethereal". She later calls Cake a hater when he says that Loser was eliminated for a reason.

In "Questions Answered", Flower is mostly seen standing in the background as Bubble is pressured into answering a question.

In "Get to the Top in 500 Steps", Flower volunteers to go up the 500-step staircase for her team, which at first she was very enthusiastic, but becomes concerned and frustrated when she is behind six other contestants, only ahead of the completely stationary Dora. Eventually left with no other choice, Flower finally snaps and equips her Non-Slip Shoes So Ha. She pushes Tennis Ball and Bomby off, blows Pie up, and overtakes Balloony, before coming face-to-face with Foldy at the top. Foldy wants revenge on iance for causing Stapy's elimination, and so she attempts to push Flower off, but Flower remains standing with her non-slip shoes and takes out Foldy, knocking her off. She almost presses the buzzer, but Dora unexpectedly bursts into a high-speed run, knocking every other contestant on the staircase, along with Flower, to the ground. All of the contestants on the staircase except for Flower and Pie reach the top and press the buzzer. Flower starts running back up the stairs as Pie walks slowly behind her, knowing that Flower will kill her if she passes her. Flower is relieved at Pie's uninterested attitude, but Pie suddenly falls off, and steals some of Black Hole's gravity, which launches her up to the buzzer, putting iance up for elimination.

In "What Do You Think of Roleplay?", Flower and Ruby are seen sat at a picnic table spying on Free Food. During Cake at Stake, Flower is the 5th one safe and receives a burger slice. Bubble, concerned that she will get her teammates eliminated due to not forgiving them, forgives Flower for being mean, annoying, selfish, and oblivious all the time, to which Flower looks offended. Later, after Snowball pops Bubble for a second time when she tries to forgive him, Ruby states that both of them are real, and Flower agrees.

In "Return of the Rocket Ship", Flower initially did not want to help her team find X's treasure, but gave in. Right after iance started digging, Team Ice Cube! followed them down, resulting in them falling on top of Bubble. After the team saves Bubble from being crushed by Beep, she falls on Team Ice Cube! (who at the time were being held by Bubble), and adds enough weight to pop Bubble. Flower tells her team that it's no big deal, as she killed Bubble before.

In "Don't Dig Straight Down", Flower is first seen arguing with Ruby over accidentally killing Bubble last episode. Flower tells the team to go up after after hearing the coordinates from Ruby. Flower shows off to Lightning when he compliments her before Snowball says she doesn't have leaves. Her team ends up avoiding an emerald due to Golf Ball being above them, only to find another one soon after. After being chased by lava for a bit, iance almost breaks the surface but instead ends up trying to dig around Golf Ball more then 2,763 times. When they finally reach the surface, Flower turns in the emerald to Four. She is the only living iance member in this episode.

In "The Four is Lava", Flower is first seen alongside Gelatin on an island, who says to Flower that there isn't enough room where they are standing. Flower agrees and pushes Gelatin off the island. She then puts on a pair of sunglasses and crosses her arms. When the challenge begins, Flower is still on the island, and whines about having to go to Four. She decides to get comfy since there is no way to leave and finds a remote that she's hoping controls a TV. Tennis Ball tells her to hit the button on the remote and she listens. This causes all of the lava to drain through Golf Ball's garbage chute, the waterfall, and Four's eye. Now that the lava is gone, Flower starts to run to Four. When she and Naily are the only ones remaining in the race, she sticks Naily into the ground and wins for her team.

In "The Escape from Four", Flower is one of the fourteen contestants to continue competing on BFB, rather than switching to TPOT. She, along with Four and her thirteen opponents, are transported by Two to an unknown area to compete.

Battle for BFB[]

In "X Marks the Spot", Flower is one of the fourteen contestants to continue competing on BFB, rather than switching to TPOT. She is put on the X Colored Team. She likes her team very much, because she is on a team with Firey, Blocky, and Loser. She tries to from an alliance with Taco, saying that they both have rotten flesh in their heads. However, Taco refuses, and points out that she then has 6 petals. She tries to remove one, but ends up having 4. Then, when Taco leaves, she is seen with 5 again, but she gets a total of 10 petals.

In "Take the Tower", she is first seen advertising the 'Oh, For Petal's Sake hoodie', later being relieved that it went unnoticed. After the intro, she is seen angry that Taco would rather be friends with Spongy over her, along with reminding Four that it wasn't her team that lost. During the contest, multiple contestants attempt to infiltrate her team's tower disguised as her. Gelatin manages to pull off an impression that fools Firey. Flower tries to tell Firey that Gelatin is the impostor, but Firey says he would know his friend Flower when he sees her. Flower is surprised over being referred to as a friend by someone else and briefly gushes about it. She is then shoved out of the tower after Gelatin convinces Firey that she's Dora. As her team begins to cross to the other team's tower, she is pushed off by Taco who also thought she was Dora. On landing, she leaves cracks on the bottom of the tower, which causes it to crumble and break into pieces. So her team is up for elimination.

In "How Loe Can You Grow?", she is the third safe on her team with 8,009 votes. In the contest she follows Firey and Loser into Spongy's spaceship to help them find the superspeed mode laser button. Flower tells Firey to push it, but he insists that they have to do a drumroll first. Firey gets started, followed by Loser, annoying Flower. However, Flower is later seen joining in on the drumroll. Firey eventually pushes the button, firing a laser at the sun to make it grow. Flower takes notice that the aloe vera's are growing and her team gets 5 points. She gets into a spaceship with her team to put ice on the sun to help X. The spaceship she's in however isn't resistant to heat, so she and her team burn inside.

In "A Taste of Space", Flower is recovered by Four. Flower asks a burning X if he's alright. As X didn't say no, since he was screaming from pain, Flower quickly disregards him, but she is stopped by Four. After the challenge starts, Flower is surprised to hear that there are points. Flower suggests that they should make it night. While Taco is reluctant at first since that wouldn't be cooling the sun, Flower whispers that simply cooling X himself down will qualify for points. Later on, Flower shouts to communicate with Firey, who is on the sun, though she only says hi. Flower is later shown burning, along with X, due to Firey being pushed into the sun by the Have Cots, though she survives. Her team loses the contest since they had less points and couldn't keep X cool. In the epilogue, Flower has been put in a pot because X wants to use her as his new garden. Flower tells Leafy to save herself from being potted, too.

In "Let's Raid The Warehouse", Flower is shown to still be potted from last episode. During Cake at Stake, she is worried that she won't be able to get more votes than the amount cast in the entirety of BFDI. She manages to be safe however, with 8,024 votes. She chooses to be a receiver for her team in the contest. While waiting for her gift, X tests out his satisfaction detector on her. Which shows that she rates being potted as 2/10. Flower is happy to receive glitter as her gift, since she can use it with her fashion line. Her satisfaction gives her team 10/10 points. Woody however, gives zero satisfaction points, so Flower's team is up for elimination again. In the stinger, Flower has Firey try on her glitter-infused fashion line.

In "Who Stole Donut's Diary?", Flower acts outwardly rude towards Taco. First saying she doesn’t want to protect Donut’s diary because Taco is also doing it and then telling Leafy to insult her after Taco asked if they could give their "rotten flesh" alliance a shot. She later admits that she was only upset that Taco turned down her first alliance offer. Due to the diary disappearing, Four removes Flower from her pot and has X smash it for cake, despite her protests for them to stop. Flower and Taco end up in the bottom two by one vote, with Flower barely surviving. During the court case challenge, Flower is the last one called to the stand. However, instead of being asked where she was when the diary was stolen, Lollipop just tries to get her to admit that she stole it. Flower gives up and tells Lollipop to just have her team pick her as the culprit since they’d lose. Flower’s team wins the challenge when Leafy lies about stealing the diary. She is then given a slice of Donut’s diary as cake for surviving the elimination.

In "Fashion For Your Face!", Flower presents her glitter-infused fashion line of sweaters to Gelatin, Blocky, and Woody. The first two insult them directly while Woody calls them "Just okay" which gets the angriest reaction out of Flower. As she gets ready to kick him, Woody switches Blocky in his place, and she unknowingly kicks him instead. All of the Have Cots are wearing her sweaters during Cake at Stake. X refers to them as ugly, causing Flower to start heading to him. She arrives just as Cake at Stake ends and kicks X into the sky. During the challenge, Flower refuses to help climb the mountain as she doesn't want to touch any moss. Later, Blocky asks her to put a trampoline below her team and she listens. Meanwhile, the Have Cots take off Flower's sweaters as they begin to feel itchy, along with insulting them. Flower senses this despite them being far away and uses the trampoline to blast herself towards them, which causes Blocky to hit the ground as she ended up moving the trampoline away. In no time, she arrives at Yellow Face's Warehouse to kick the Have Cots for insulting her sweaters. Instead of heading back, Flower stays in this location and isn't seen again until the stinger.

Purple Face approaches Flower and asks her why has she been kicking people, saying its awfully rude. She says that they deserved it, but admits that she was being a bit harsh. She explains how it was always a dream of hers to distribute her own fashion line, and how it hurt her to see everyone bash it. Purple Face says that he likes her sweaters, which makes Flower happy and give one to him. They both dance together as the episode ends.

In "The Game Has Changed", Flower appears as a guest on Blocky podcast. She says that she feels nervous about Cake at Stake, only to have Blocky not listen, as it is a prank podcast. She is once again in the bottom two but survives with 11,547 votes. After Blocky is eliminated he has Woody fill in his place as a funny doer, with his first prank being to buy and destroy Flower's fashion line, much to her distress. Flower also helps with starting the intro by standing behind Purple Face and sticking her arm out. During the challenge, she invites Leafy to hang out with her while she goes to her For Petal's Sake shop to pick up party supplies, and Leafy gladly decides to go with her. After sinking into quicksand, dropping 1000 feet, and walking a 50-mile tightrope, Flower and Leafy finally arrive at the shop, which Leafy expected to be a megastore and not a stand. They later run away after Rusty Coin tries to give them too many party supplies.

After they arrive back, Four announces that time is nearly up. Flower tells Leafy to hurry and make her party, but since there isn't any time, Leafy decides to help Flower out on her party instead of making hers. Flower promises to give Leafy the extra immunity if she wins. Flower and Leafy then throw the boxes of party supplies at a wall, and the decorations automatically attach on impact. During Woody's party prank, Flower is thrilled to see that Woody got her clothes back from the bottom of the cliff. Flower shows her party next. Four isn't thrilled by her party but appreciates that she actually made one for him and gives it a 5/10, the first score higher than 2/10. Flower wins the challenge in second place due to Lollipop's party getting a higher score.

In "The Tweested Temple", Flower has immunity so she gets doused with water. She comments that it feels refreshing. During the challenge, Flower puts on a vomit-proof sweater and asks if anyone else wants one, only to be met with unanimous no's. She spots a totem but it keeps rolling away when she tries to grab it and ends up losing it to Gelatin. It's later revealed that the totem was filled with vomit, explaining why she couldn't get it with her vomit-proof sweater on. Flower is later shown dancing inside the temple when she is the last one inside. After 73 days, she comes out with a rock. Four is annoyed at first but allows her to have immunity since the rock isn't cursed.

In "The Hidden Contestant", Flower has immunity again and gets a slice of carrot cake. When Woody is eliminated, she grabs him and attempts to have an emotional moment with him before he goes, but Woody isn't interested and kicks her hand off. Profily reveals that they were the cause for Flower spending 73 days to find a totem in the last episode, but Flower admits that that isn't the only reason why. Flower is at first against the idea of Profily joining the game until Leafy points out that she did the same thing in BFDI. She even grabs a hold of Profily when Four tries to eliminate them for being annoying.

For the challenge, Flower has Four kick her and Lollipop to the sun so that they can get the cardboard spaceship to grab Profily and drop them off at the BRB. However, they end up crashing it into the BRB due to Flower lying about knowing how to fly it. As Teardrop climbs the BRB with Profily, Flower tackles her to stop her from winning. Gelatin then has X snap Profily to the BRB, so Flower grabs on to their leg, followed by Teardrop grabbing her leg, and then Lollipop on Teardrop's leg. Flower yells for help, which the Carrot Cakes hear from space. They decide to heed her cry for help but they end up making her lose her grip of Profily, who continues rising. Flower then threatens the Carrot Cakes for if they make her lose, which make the Cakes drop her, along with Teardrop and Lollipop. She ends up losing the contest and is up for elimination.

In the stinger ending, Flower points out to Four that there are too many characters interfering with the game ever since they moved to The Pillary Ruins. Four agrees and takes all of the contestants on a bus ride to a new location.

In "Uprooting Everything", Flower is the second safe with 11,112 votes, she comments that her bug looks a lot like Four. When X is about to announce the last one safe, Flower asks if it's her despite already being safe. She says that she just liked hearing it. When Gelatin, Teardrop, and Lollipop hug to say goodbye to the latter, who was eliminated, Flower joins in on the hug, annoying all of them. After the challenge to escape the World's Largest Oven begins, Teardrop drags everyone away from Flower, making her feel excluded. Leafy then adds her to the newbie alliance shortly after becoming a member which Flower is more than happy to be apart of. Leafy drags Gelatin to a door, leaving Teardrop and Flower behind. Flower asks where they should go and Teardrop points at a ladder for them to climb.

After getting to the top of the very tall ladder, they find a Mega Mall. Flower insists that they should go in together for a "becoming best friends montage". After said montage,Flower finds Teardrop in a utility store, confused as to why Teardrop is running away from her, but ignores it and gives her a best friend shirt. Teardrop is annoyed about her being drawn smaller than Flower. Flower explains that it's because she drew herself first, but claims she's an equal part of their friendship. When Flower gives her the best friend shirt, Teardrop throws it away, which makes Flower upset, but she decides that they should now focus on escaping. After Teardrop gives Flower the grappling gun, rope, and a coat hanger, she calls her a genius, as they can now escape the World's Largest Oven. While they're heading towards the oven door Flower talks to Teardrop about how it was nice going to a mall again after spending most of her time in a ruined city for most of the year. Flower hangs onto Teardrop's leg when they're heading towards the upper tray. Once they make it to the upper tray and tie up the ropes, Teardrop hands Flower the coat hanger, supposedly to help her win the challenge. Overjoyed and grateful, Flower takes the coat hanger and uses it to zip across the rope, but gets stuck in the middle. Seeing that Flower is stuck, Teardrop pulls out the grappling gun and shoots it at the oven door to get across. Flower confronts her briefly for her betrayal, but falls to her death on top of Leafy. She is up for elimination.

At the ending, Flower and the others watch Four do his standup routine. Leafy and Flower suddenly hear a strange noise. Leafy asks what it could be and Flower says it's probably nothing.

In "B.F.B. = Back From Beginning", Flower is concerned with how Four and X are being with the number of hosts as she remembers someone who didn't like competitions having three hosts. A note flies into Gelatin's face that reads to go outside. Flower does so begrudgingly because she's jealous of the so called grand entrance that the note giver seems to be trying to pull off. She demands for them to show themselves, saying they won't be at all surprised at who it is, only to be shocked when the Announcer returns. When Four tries throwing the Announcer away, Flower tells them to be careful because the Announcer is fragile, as she would know since she bit him before. She becomes a member of Newbie Alliance, due to the Announcer wanting to bring teams back. The Announcer then raps to start Cake at Stake, and Flower notices that he rhymed finals with finals. She threatens to bite the Announcer if she's eliminated but survives with 14,462 votes.

To start the challenge, Flower gives X a basket and then starts licking a jawbreaker. She is the only who opens her jawbreaker by licking instead of bashing it open. She promises to help Gelatin during the swing challenge, but this is done off-screen. For the makeover challenge, she simply place down the Four plush that Teardrop left. She quickly answers that the Announcer's favorite number is five and gets to move on. She reaches the stairs contest and is glad to see Teardrop at the top since that means she isn't too far behind. However, when she confronts Teardrop on the stairs, Teardrops pushes her off and she falls to her death. She is then recovered by X and has to get a basket again. She manages to guess the random number that has become the Announcer's new favorite and moves on. Across the next stages, she promises not to quit BFB, pulls X over to "bring him back", knocks down a small tower, douses X with water, hands Woody a Bomby plush, and correctly states that Lollipop stole X's bag. For the party contest, she is annoyed at Gelatin and Teardrop's lack of effort and throws an actual party for the Announcer. For the totem challenge, she gets by with just a rock like last time. Loser is at the next stage and tells Flower to eliminate Profily. Flower is confused at how he's there when she knocked him a goal earlier but ignores it to tell Profily they're eliminated. The last part of the challenge is climbing the oven. Because Gelatin and Teardrop are original members of the alliance, they attempt to sabotage Flower, with Teardrop pulling on her petals. This causes her ladder to knock over Gelatin and Teardrop's ladders, leaving hers as the only one standing. She reaches the top and wins, immunity into the final two, to her disappointment as she thought she won BFB.

In the stinger, the Announcer is busy spending the show's budget and shows how little it matters because there's so much by giving Flower a 50,000 dollar bill, which she enthusiastically says she can use to open a real store.

In "SOS (Save Our Show)", Flower is given a bronze medal for winning immunity into the final two. After Cake at Stake however, Announcer cancels BFB due to the short budget and Flower is able to see that he is right as they are down to only 300 dollars. The contestants all take an eight hour bus ride to an Abandoned TV Station to raise money for the show. Purple Face starts by interviewing the finalists. He asks Gelatin normal interview questions while only asking Flower questions regarding himself, to her frustration. After revealing to Purple Face that he has no mustache, Purple Face moves onto the next segment of the show, Purple Face's Torture Time. Flower is placed in a tank with a bug, but she points out that she's be learning to get over that fear, and brings up that she even held one episodes ago. Purple Face then dumps hundreds of bugs inside, which causes her to panic. Woody helps her to calm down by telling her to just breathe. Flower takes a while to get the hang of it, but manages to just barely calm down and thanks him.

Later, the show is still losing money so Gelatin gets on stage and impresses the crowd with the many ways he can say his own name. Flower tries to do the same thing but is booed and bombarded with objects and more bugs. The show's budget starts to deplete so much so that everyone is now made from paper cutouts. Gelatin remembers that Flower has 50,000 dollars, but she reminds him that it's for her store. Lollipop, Bubble, and Leafy all make good arguments for why she should donate her money, but she still isn't sure. The show is then reduced to the storyboards and Flower finally gives in and gives away her money, returning everything back to normal. Flower is disappointed but Gelatin reassures her saying that they could collaborate on a store together. Flower likes the idea and she congratulates Gelatin on making it to the final two, finally ending their rivalry. The Announcer returns since the budget is back and tells the viewers to vote for Flower or Gelatin to win BFB.

In the stinger, Gelatin and Flower are sitting together and wish each other luck on the win. Flower realizes that Four has been gone for while and asks when he's coming back. This causes a four-shaped cacti to rattle and the ground starts to shake. Suddenly a large crack forms in the ground, hinting at Four's return. Gelatin and Flower are stumped at what they've just witnessed.

In "Chapter Complete", Flower is first heard from inside of Four's mind as she questions when Four will come back. The scene cuts back to where the stinger left off. After Four sinks back into the ground and seals the crack, Flower decides that they should tell everyone about this. During Cake at Stake, the Announcer presents Flower and Gelatin with the BFB and Grand Cake, which Flower and Gelatin aren't sure how to feel about . Flower also gets the Announcer to admit that the BFDI is one of the other prizes. As the contestants vote for a winner, Leafy votes Flower for being a plant and because she voted for her to win last time. Flower thanks her for this. Flower ultimately wins the season with 48,891 votes. The Announcer gives her the Grand Cake and BFB. A Carrot Cake appears from the Grand Cake and gives her her happy thought, which turns out to be Gelatin winning over her. Firey asks what her happy thought was. Flower tells him that she knows she won, but she would also be happy if Gelatin won and she thinks about sharing the prize. Firey doesn't give a definitive answer since it's her prize, but tells Flower that he was once in the same position as her but blew it when it came to sharing his prize with someone close to him, and encourages her to make a choice. Flower thanks him for the advice. Flower approaches Gelatin and he again congratulates her for winning. She says in a lot of ways Gelatin truly won, especially with all the friendships he's made along the way. As a result, Flower gives the BFB to Gelatin. Gelatin refuses at first, however, Flower insists since she already won, and can tell that he really wants it. Gelatin thanks Flower and gives her a hug and Flower runs off to the Announcer. As the Announcer starts to reluctantly give up the BFDI, Purple Face steals it and runs off.

Flower, the Announcer, and some of the contestants all follow him onto the gold bus to get it back. Purple Face argues that he should have the BFDI because of the contributions he added that no one had acknowledged up to that point. Flower attempts to make him feel better by reminding him about the sweater she gave him. Purple Face is happy to remember that moment but still won't give up the BFDI when she tries to snatch it. During their scuffle for the prize, they lose it and everyone else on board begins fighting over it until the bus falls off a cliff, only dangling by the tires. Everyone gets out except for Flower, Announcer, and Purple Face as they are still fighting over the BFDI. Purple Face argues that they got to do so little since BFDI. Flower says he isn't giving himself enough credit and names off the ways that he has been helpful and that they got use to seeing him around. She also says that it was nice having a host who wouldn't suddenly kill them at any time and that he was truly integral to BFB. Purple Face thanks Flower for helping him realize he's more than a cameo character and that she's really changed and exits the bus. The Announcer starts to consider letting Flower have the BFDI, but Flower says she doesn't want it anymore as she feels that what Purple Face said was reward in and of itself, and lets the Announcer keep it. They both then leave the bus just as it falls off the cliff. Flower tells everyone she's letting the Announcer keep it and that she's glad that the finale wrapped up nicely. However, Leafy points out that the desert isn't blue anymore, making Flower and everyone else realize they aren't quite done.

Flower's group eventually meets up with Profily. Leafy asks Profily what happened while they were gone and Profily responds that they all left and then came back. Flower is irritated that they thought they were asking what they've been doing and asks what happened to everyone else. Profily then explains that they went after Four to the Pillary Ruins. Flower tells everyone that they have to help, but Profily calmly disagrees and convinces everyone to help with something else. Flower and Firey are both seen helping with throwing Four's party when the sun suddenly turns blue. Latter, everyone on Four's side teleports back to the desert, Flower is happy to see that they did it. Gelatin thanks Flower for giving him the BFB, as they might not have succeeded at getting Four back without it. Flower says that they should have teamed up long ago, of which Gelatin agrees. Flower is then shown having fun at Four's party. She approaches Bubble and Ruby offers to share her Grand Cake with them and they accept. Another scene shows that Flower and Gelatin combined their shops into a steakhouse and fashion store. Flower is then shown listening to Gelatin as he reads his comic. Flower sees Leafy and Firey off as they leave to find their own Dream Island. Gelatin walks up to Flower saying that Blocky and Woody need new guests for their show, suggesting that they should volunteer together. Flower agrees. Flower then pauses to look at the everyone and realizes that she won by making new friends and becoming a nicer person and then follows Gelatin.


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Season 1
Episode Votes
2 4 (eliminated)
9 4 (to rejoin)
21 205 (rejoined)
22 312
24 524 (eliminated again)
Season 2
Episode Votes
1 312 (to join)
Season 4
Episode Votes
2 838
12 5,893
19 8,009
21 8,024
22 10,566
24 11,547
27 11,112
28 14,462
30 48,991 (Winner)
Total votes
Elimination Save votes Total
7,571 63,720 120,803


  1. "Don't Pierce My Flesh":
    1. Falls in a gorge into some water after destroying a bridge.
    2. Burns in magma seventeen times.
    3. Is eaten by the Fire Monster.
    4. Is killed when the volcano erupts.
  2. "Hurtful!":
    1. Melts in a furnace.
    2. Falls into a gorge.
    3. Burns in lava.
  3. "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2": Is hit by a meteorite.
  4. "Return of the Hang Glider":
    1. Is hit randomly by a meteorite.
    2. Is pushed into an incinerator by Firey.
    3. Is crushed by a flying saucer.
  5. "How Loe Can You Grow?": Burns to death near the sun.
  6. "Uprooting Everything": Falls on top of Leafy, killing her as well.
  7. "B.F.B. = Back From Beginning": Pushed off the staircase by Teardrop.

Non-canon deaths:

  1. "Last BFDI": Has her legs sliced off, followed by her petals, body, and arms, and then her head turns into Yellow Face.
  2. "If Among Us Was a BFDI Challenge": Is swallowed up by Black Hole along with all the other contestants.
  3. "You're A Loser, But...": May have blasted away when Leafy and Pin crash into her.


Total kills: 34

Character Number of times killed Episodes
Announcer 13+ "Hurtful!"
Bubble 6 "Barriers and Pitfalls" (along with Golf Ball)
"Hurtful!" (twice)
"Return of the Hang Glider"
"Return of the Rocket Ship" (along with Spongy)
"Let's Raid The Warehouse"
Firey 6 "Take the Plunge: Part 1" (offscreen)
"Hurtful!" (5 times)
Gaty 1 "The Four is Lava"
Gelatin 1 "The Four is Lava"
Golf Ball 1 "Take the Plunge: Part 1" (debatable and off-screen)
Leafy 3 "Hurtful!" (twice, once along with Firey)
"Uprooting Everything" (along with Teardrop)
Flower Speaker Box 1 "Hurtful!"
Pie 1 "Get to the Top in 500 Steps"
Other 1 1 bug in "Don't Pierce My Flesh"

Non-canon kills:

  1. "Battle for Dream Island: Official Character Guide/Instagram Promotion": Removes Remote's batteries.



  • Flower is one of the two contestants with stick bodies, the other is Balloony.
  • Flower was one of the three contestants who died "forever" in "Return of the Hang Glider", the others being Woody and Bubble.
    • However, she was revived in "Zeeky Boogy Doog".
    • At least from now, it is still unknown how Ruby and Gelatin knew about Flower, as the two of them did not compete in Season 1 (although Ruby had a chance to join there), which is the only season Flower can be seen competing with other contestants clearly on-screen.
  • Flower is one of the three contestants who own a speaker box that would host for the show; the others are Firey and Puffball.
  • Flower is one of the eight contestants who received a design change between IDFB and BFB, along with Grassy, Saw, Lightning, Gaty, Blocky, Nickel, and Marker.
    • She and Nickel are also the only ones outside of the TLC who had this happen.
  • Flower is one of the four plant characters in BFB, the others are Leafy, Grassy, and Tree.
    • She is the only plant whose body does not have the color green.
  • Flower is one of the two contestants who appear in the IDFB intro without appearing in the episode. The other is Spongy.
  • Flower is one of the eight characters who have been recommended variants of themselves (Happy Flower in Flower's case). The others are Marker, Four, David, Bubble, Puffball, Spongy, and Cake.
  • Flower was one of the only four contestants who never switched to Two's side in "The Escape from Four". The others were Firey, Bubble, and Leafy.
    • Coincidentally, they make up the final four of BFDI.


  • Flower is the first ever contestant in BFDI to get a vote. This is seen in "Return of the Hang Glider", from the first ever vote.
  • She is one of the three characters in BFDI who were the first to be eliminated, rejoin the game, and be re-eliminated, the other two being Spongy and Blocky.
    • Flower is the only female contestant to rejoin in BFDI.
    • She is also the last contestant to rejoin in BFDI.
  • Flower is one of the five overall contestants to rejoin after being eliminated, the others are Blocky, Spongy, Leafy, and Loser.
  • Flower is one of the few contestants who failed to survive their first ever Cake at Stake, while managing to survive their next one. The others are Spongy, Donut, and Loser.
  • Coincidentally, Flower and Spongy received 4 votes at their first Cake at Stake and rejoin.
  • Flower got about 1/6 of all of the votes and has received the most votes ever in season 1, with 1,056 votes.
  • "Don't Pierce My Flesh" is Flower's first time surviving an elimination.
  • Flower is also the last rejoining contestant to be eliminated from the game.
  • Flower, Match, Woody, Spongy, Blocky, Golf Ball, and David are the only BFDI contestants who have never been safe with the least votes.
  • Flower had been in the TLC for more than 17 months in BFDI.
  • Flower is one of the two contestants who have told the viewers not to vote for them to be eliminated, the other is TV.
  • As Flower correctly stated, she was the least voted for to be eliminated by BFDI 21, using this as a reason for why she shouldn't leave.
    • Ironically, she ends up having the most elimination votes by the end of the season.
  • Flower is one of the two contestants who resisted going to the TLC, as seen in "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2". The other contestant is Match in "Get in the Van". Roboty and David would also resist elimination, but this was in BFB.
  • Flower was the first and last contestant to be eliminated before the finale in BFDI.
  • Flower is more often than not involved in most of the closest Cake at Stakes, as seen in "Barriers and Pitfalls", "Don't Pierce My Flesh", and "Who Stole Donut's Diary?".
  • She is one of the few contestants who had enough votes to join BFDIA, only to get disqualified due to being absent. The others are Leafy and Bubble.
  • She and Snowball are the only contestants who were up for elimination at the first Cake at Stake in BFDI and BFB.
  • Flower, Leafy, and Firey are the only contestants who have reached the merge in every season they compete in.
  • Flower is the highest ranking member of iance, Have Nots, and Newbie Alliance in BFB.
  • Flower is the only member of Have Nots in Newbie Alliance.
  • Flower is the first contestant to win immunity twice in a row in BFB.
    • She also won immunity throughout BFDI and BFB the most times at four.
  • As of "B.F.B. = Back From Beginning", Flower has beaten her BFDI rank.
  • Flower is the first contestant to become a finalist in a season since Leafy, Bubble, and Firey in BFDI.
  • In "B.F.B. = Back From Beginning", Flower and Leafy are both in the bottom two to be eliminated in the final four, just like in BFDI. Only this time, it's Flower who survives.
  • Flower and Spongy have been in the bottom two the most times at six, in Flower's case, against Golf Ball (and Tennis Ball), Leafy (twice), Rocky, Taco, and Blocky.
  • Flower is the only contestant who competed in both challenges that were combinations of the previous contests.
  • Flower is one of five contestants who have received over 20,000 votes from a single Cake at Stake. The others are Spongy, Gelatin, Teardrop, and Leafy.
    • She and Gelatin are also the only contestants who have received over 30,000 to 40,000 votes.
  • Ironically, Flower is the only finalist and merged contestant (not counting Profily) who has never received the most votes to stay, yet she still got the most votes to win BFB.
  • Flower is one of the two contestants who have won a season. The other is Firey.
  • Out of the contestants who had been eliminated twice prior to BFB (Blocky, Teardrop, Match, and Spongy), Flower is the only one who avoided getting eliminated a third time as she won the season.
  • Flower is the only generation 3 contestant who isn't in every season.


  • Her OMG phrase is "Oh my gardener". She's also said "Oh my dirt".
    • She also starts saying "Oh for petals sake", more often in post-split BFB.
  • In "Take the Plunge: Part 2", she was slightly shorter than how she was in part 1.
  • Flower is afraid of bugs.
    • However, as of "Uprooting Everything", she wasn't scared of receiving a single bug as her prize, which shows that she likely got over her fear of it.
    • In "SOS (Save Our Show)", it is revealed that she had been working to get over her fear to bugs. She's still, however, afraid of bugs if there's a large number of them.
  • Flower's voting pose in "Getting Teardrop to Talk" is based off a pose she made in Total Firey Island.
  • She apparently doesn't like pizza because she said "What?" in "The Glistening" when she found out that was the cake.
    • However, she might have just been upset that her "cake" wasn't an actual cake.
  • Flower is one of the strongest contestants, being able to lift the Master Recovery Center, a building-sized Recovery Center presumably made of the very heavy Yoyle Metal substance, as shown in "Return of the Hang Glider".
    • Despite this, she is unable to open a jar in Getting Teardrop to Talk.
  • Flower loves the show "TV's Hopes and Dreams", seen in "Reveal Novum" due to it featuring the Announcer being crushed, which she's attempted to do.
  • When Flower was first drawn, she had 6 petals.
    • She would later be shown with the same amount of petals in the series in "X Marks the Spot".
  • She is the only contestant in the new Battle for BFB intro with only one pose.
  • In "Take the Tower", it is revealed that Flower has a brain.
    • However, since she stated that she has "rotten flesh inside her head", it could be argued that the brain is not actually Flower's.
  • On the cover of Firey comics: book 3, her body and limbs are green. This may indicate that she originally had a stem instead of just a stick for a body.
  • In "Let's Raid The Warehouse", Flower mentions that Ruby once sang her a really weird song, which likely was a reference to a video where Ruby sings "Two Trucks" by Lemon Demon (or Neil Cicierega).
  • She has the longest nickname out of all the BFDI characters ("That Monstrosity Who Wears Those Ugly Sweaters" by Four), with 43 characters.
  • Flower is the only contestant outside of Template:BlehWord who has received a happy thought.
  • Flower was the first character mentioned in BFDI.


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