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Kart Kid summons Kart Kids. When level 5 Kart Kid's health is depleted, he will become invincible and deal damage to all enemies he passes.


Kart Kid is a small humanoid monster that has a white body with horns that point at the sides of his head. On level 1, he wears a pale pink tracksuit and rides in a box. On level 2, he rides in a wagon with a grey chair and red flag at the back. On levels 3, 4, and 5 he wears an orange tracksuit and an orange hat with traffic cone horns on each side with a white line around the tips.

Pros Cons
  • High health allows it to defeat strong enemies.
  • Star powerup on level 5 allows for kart kid to plow through weaker enemies to allow focus on stronger enemies and bosses.
  • Despite having high HP, he's less effective in the later game against most enemies, as they have relatively high health.
  • Expensive upgrades, but slightly cheaper than the other summon towers like Beetrice and Hayes.
  • Relatively longer summon rate than other summoners, regardless of level.
  • Star powerup is temporary; lasts for only 7 seconds, and gets weaker the more enemies it hits during the powerup duration.
Summoner Icon
File:Kart Kid Summon.png


Level Apperance Mana Cost File:Mana.png Summoner Health Speed Effect
1 File:Kart1.png 650 File:Mana.png 27s 30 2.5
2 File:Kart2.png 1400 File:Mana.png 26s 90 2.8
3 File:Kartkidnew3.png 2500 File:Mana.png 26s 200 2.8
4 File:Kart4.png 4000 File:Mana.png 25s 320 3
5 File:Kart5.png 6500 File:Mana.png 25s 450 [1000-300|+ 1000-300] (invincible) 3.5 ⭐7s


  • According to the co-creator Hiloh, Kart Kid is a monster.
  • He is based off a Tamagotchi character.
  • The Streamer Skin is based off their other game Poltergeist Perception.
    • The Streamer skin also changes colors when you upgrade Kart Kid.
    • The Streamer skin can also change color when sold and replaced.
  • Kart Kid used to throw spike balls from levels 3-5, but it was removed during the Christmas 2020 Update due to the projectiles stopping his collision damage.

Update Log


  • Kart Kid was added to the game



  • Level 5 Health decreased 500 -> 450



  • Kart Kid no longer throws projectiles due to a glitch that stops his collision damage when throwing


  • Level 1 Summon Rate decreased 40s -> 27s
  • Level 2 Summon Rate decreased 35s -> 25s
  • Level 3 Summon Rate decreased 30s -> 24s
  • Level 4 Summon Rate decreased 25s -> 22s


  • Level 5 Invincibility now deals 2,000 damage instead of 1,000 (Bug)


  • Level 5 Invincibility now deals 1,000 damage instead of 2,000 (Bug Fix)


  • Level 5 Invincibility time decreased Infinite -> 7s


  • Level 2 Summon Rate increased 25s -> 26s
  • Level 3 Summon Rate increased 24s -> 26s
  • Level 2 Summon Rate increased 22s -> 25s
  • Level 5 Summon Rate increased 20s -> 25s
  • Level 5 Invincibility now deals less damage the more enemies it hits (1000, 800, 640, 512, 410, 328, 300)