Snood Wiki

Mildred is the meanest of the snoods.

Mildred hates being around other snoods and only likes other Mildreds.

Constantly annoyed, she is always at odds with Sunny and Geji. She is the only snood that prefers the company of Zod - mostly because he does not try to interact with her.

Mildred is considered by fans to be the most attractive and sensual snood.

She will tear other snoods apart with her words and has been known to make Geji sob uncontrollably. It is unknown what she says to so efficiently tear snoods to pieces. Snoods consistently refuse to reveal what was said to them, implying a deeply personal attack,

Mildred always thinks that clearing Mildreds should be the top priority of the player.

Her two emotions are fake kindness and utter disdain.

She's anti-vaxx and believes in the q-anon conspiracy theory. She has had COVID twice but continues to post that it is a hoax.

She is very active on twitter. You can imagine the shit she posts.