Snood Wiki

Special Abilities

Not available to be launched by the Snood-O-Matic Cannon, if you lose, all other Snoods transform into this snood.

How To Remove

Isolation, Hit with a Wild Snood, Stone Snood or Rowbuilder Snood.


Anyone know all the appearances this Snood makes?

Numbskull is a Snood shaped like a human skull and is the one type of Snood that is never launched into play, which means it cannot be joined with other Snoods. If Numbskulls are found at the start of a level, they will have to be isolated and dropped by the player to remove them from the board. They also can also be removed by being matched like normal Snoods (together with two or more of the same kind) by using a Wild Snood. Also like normal Snoods, Numbskulls are not immune to Stone Snoodls or Rowbuilder Snoods, thus causing another way to remove this powerful Snood. Unlike all the normal snoods, Numbskulls do not need to be removed to beat a level. Also if the player loses the game, all the remaining Snoods will turn into Numbskulls, serving as a visual game over message.

Numbskull is related to Sunny, they both have 100 teeth and if Sunny removed his sunglasses they would have matching eyes.

Numbskull is under a lot of stress and is in a rough financial spot. He knows you are not excited to see him but is just trying to do his job.

His skull is numb