Snood Wiki

Spike is the most anxious snood. He was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder at age 15. He is also asexual.

He is agender and uses he/they pronouns. Spike is aromantic as he has a hard time connecting with other snoods, most likely due to extreme anxiety.

Spike minds his own business. Fine with other snoods, other snoods are fine with him.

He is the most anxious snood. His two emotions are worried and more worried.

He is very self-conscious about his horns and 6 teeth. He is jealous of and intimidated by Sunny's smile.

Spike doesn't like to be alone because it gives him anxiety, however when placed with other spikes their anxiety feeds into one another until they have a group panic attack. Often the best recourse for this is a group therapy session lead by Zod or Mildred. Their stern, even demeanor is comforting to the Spikes as they know exactly what to expect.