Snood Wiki

Everyone hates Sunny

Sunny loves to be near other snoods but all snoods are mildly annoyed at being placed near him. Sunny is the only snood with an accessory (sunglasses) and wants to make sure everyone knows it. He is incredibly smug about this fact but refuses to tell anyone what brand they are or where he got them.

He is over the top chipper and friendly at all times. His emotions are mild happiness and terrifying happiness. He has 100 teeth.

Contrary to his name he is not a sun nor does he emit light like Geji. He is a psychopath hiding behind a smile and sunglasses.

Do not trust this snood. He will double cross you.

Also, he is gay and vocal about it. It is doubtful he has ever been in a meaningful relationship considering how the other snoods hold him with contempt.